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How do I update my theme?

Please refer to our theme installation instructions for updating your theme.

The update process is similar to the installation process. Simply replace the old theme using the FTP instructions, or delete the old theme from the Appearance > Themes screen, then follow the installation instructions to upload the latest version of the theme. We do not provide auto theme updates at this time.

Please Note: If you have made any custom changes to the theme code, make a backup of your existing theme and save it to your computer before updating. You can make a backup using the WP Clone Template plugin.

Do you provide a Photoshop file with the theme?

We provide layered PSD files for each theme to developer members.

How often do you release new themes?

We don’t have a set schedule for releasing new themes. We believe in quality over quantity, and improving our existing themes is just as important to us as releasing new themes.

Is WordPress only used for blogging?

It’s a common misconception that WordPress is only used as a blogging solution. In fact, WordPress is a robust content management system for professional websites and applications that maintains an ease of use not found among other website management platforms. WordPress can be used to create so much more than a blog — including business solutions, membership sites, eCommerce storefronts, online portfolios, SaaS sites, web applications and much more.

Does the theme include content?

Content is not automatically installed with the installation of a theme. However, we provide a content file for all of our themes that includes the dummy content from our theme demos. The content file may be installed by navigating to the Tools > Import section of your WordPress dashboard.

Can you install WordPress and the theme for me?

Yes. This can be accomplished using our auto installation form or theme setup service.

Upon completing the auto installation form you will be provided with premium cloud hosting from Kahuna Host, a cPanel account for managing domains and email accounts, and the WordPress platform along with an Organic Theme of your choice.

If you already have a hosting provider, we can provide you with our theme setup service which includes the installation of WordPress and your Organic Theme. In addition, we can install demo content, a few helpful plugins, setup page templates, navigation menu, theme options and more.

Can I change the theme logo?

Yes. This is an option with all our themes. The logo can easily be changed within the Appearance > Header section, or the Appearance > Customize > Logo section of the WordPress dashboard, depending on your particular theme.

Can I change the theme background?

Yes. The theme background color and image can be changed within the WordPress Appearance options for all of our themes.

Why can’t I access support?

Possibly for one of two reasons:

1. Your theme was purchased from a trusted outside source, such as Creative Market or your hosting provider. If so, you will need to use our contact form and submit a support access request with your provided purchase information. Note: If your theme was purchased from, support is provided within the support forums.

2. Your support subscription may have expired. It expires a year from your purchase date if canceled. If your subscription was canceled and you would like access again, you may renew your subscription or purchase another product to regain access.

How long do I have support access?

Theme support is provided for one year from the purchase date of a theme, in the event your support subscription has been canceled. If your support subscription has not been canceled, it will automatically renew after one year or with the purchase of any new themes, providing you ongoing access to support and theme updates.

Why was I charged again?

Organic Themes employs an annual support subscription at the rate of the purchased product for continual access to support, forums, theme updates and the account.

The annual subscription was employed to create a sustainable business for Organic Themes, so that we may continue providing our services to you for years to come. There is no obligation to continue the subscription, and you may cancel at anytime. Canceling the subscription will result in suspended access to your Organic Themes account a year from the purchase date or from the last successful renewal.

This is outlined on the theme sales page, in our terms and conditions and throughout the site. If you have an issue regarding a subscription renewal, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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Marcus johans

A friend recommended webinopoly. I’m glad he did. I’m very pleased with the results. Webinopoly created a beautiful website for me. Moe Farhat was very at responding when I needed changes made to the website.

Marcus johans

A friend recommended webinopoly. I’m glad he did. I’m very pleased with the results. Webinopoly created a beautiful website for me. Moe Farhat was very at responding when I needed changes made to the website.

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